Training Programs

Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence training programs are designed to help key players in cruise destinations achieve excellence in their ports, tours, guides, and businesses. Some of our more popular training programs include:

Tour Guide Excellence
Aquila’s signature training program, Tour Guide Excellence is an online training and international certification program designed specifically for Tour Guides in the cruise industry. This interactive program gives Tour Guides the opportunity to learn exactly what makes an excellent Tour Guide and the skills to turn that knowledge into a practical reality when guiding cruise shore excursions.

FCCA-endorsed ACE Tour Operator Designation
Offered exclusively to FCCA Member Tour Operators who have contracts with cruise lines, this program allows Tour Operators to demonstrate that they meet or exceed industry standards and achieve an Aquila Cruise Excellence designation.

FCCA Customer Service and Frontline Destination Training     Offered exclusively to FCCA Member Destinations as part of their Service Excellence programs, this 2-day workshop in partnership with the FCCA and AON gives the Frontlines and stakeholders, tour operators and destinations, the tools to reach new levels of performance and profitability while ensuring sustainability and creating a culture of service.

Port Excellence
Designed to assist new and emerging cruise ports and destinations, this interactive workshop is an in-depth introduction to the cruise industry. Through a variety of exercises, participants assess the readiness of the port and identify the developments and key action steps necessary for servicing the cruise market.

Tour Operator Excellence
Aimed to assist Tour Operators in improving their operations from performance to profits, the Tour Operator Excellence programs are customized training programs that follow a consultative process. Whether you are a new tour operator who needs to learn how to work with the cruise industry or a long-established tour operator working to overcome a new challenge, Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence can help.

Destination Excellence
Aquila also has programs for readiness of a port or destination, Packaging experiences, Product Development and other programs customized to the needs of a Destination, Port or Tour Operator. For more information on these or any of our other training programs, please contact

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The training sessions for Tour Guides, Frontline and Tour Operators has been very well received and has proven to give the results we were looking for…. we can’t recommend this Service Training enough.