Ambra Attus

Born and raised in Italy and now based in the Dominican Republic, Ambra has extensive knowledge and experience in tourism, with 25 years of experience performing a wide range of functions in hospitality, tour operations, excursions and cruises, as well as destination management and training. 

Win-win oriented with a true passion for sustainable tourism strategies and local communities’ development, she brings a unique perspective and leadership style to Aquila to help deliver and develop training programs and strategic training plans for stakeholders in the cruise industry, contributing to Aquila’s growth trajectory and the maximization of positive impact in the cruise industry, while forging meaningful relationships within the sector.  

Her favorite thing about working with Aquila is that “it allows me to contribute to positive changes on a global scale, as we play a role in shaping the experiences of both travelers and local communities, by empowering individuals and destinations to excel in cruise tourism. Also, working with Aquila involves encounters with diverse cultures and provides an exciting environment for innovation, as each destination poses unique challenges and opportunities, requiring creative solutions.”