Creating Top Rated Tour Companies

Fifteen years of creating top rated tour companies: we are the leading cruise industry shore excursions training provider.

Our success at providing shore excursions to the cruise lines that call on our home-port of Saint John, New Brunswick led cruise executives to ask us to share our best practices with tour companies and destination marketing organizations to improve the visitor experience in other ports of call.

Our approach is simple: we assess the needs of a destination or company, develop a strategic training plan to address those needs, and then deliver course content that raises the level of excellence throughout the team.

Since 2007, Aquila has touched every continent around the world with our training.

We have found that the common ground between travel and training is what all cruise industry participants strive to tap into: the spirit of discovery.

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Real-world tested

Creating top rated tour companies requires the kind of training that sets the standard for excellence while meeting the needs of today’s changing travel industry.

Aquila’s training is tested in our very own tour operations in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. We call it our Living Lab, and it lets us be both agile in new course creation and confident that our curriculum has been field-tested to deliver excellence every time.

What is The Aquila Difference?


It is a thrill every time we hear that our training and tour operations have made a difference. We leave a little piece of our heart with every cruise destination and every shore excursion team we work with, and their success is our success.