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A series of five half-day workshops via Zoom designed for tourism operators to examine their businesses, identify ways to operate more efficiently, and implement strategies to maximize opportunities.

The workshops are interactive and include exercises relevant to the topics, as well as homework and tools that can be incorporated into their businesses. Following the workshop series, tourism operators will have the opportunity for a one-hour coaching session with an Aquila trainer.

The time required to complete the program will depend on the schedule set, but typically takes an average of 6 weeks, with one topic per week for 5 weeks followed by one week for the coaching sessions.

Through a combination of presentations and coaching, tourism operators will have the opportunity to participate in a series of 5 half-day workshops in the areas of:

  1. Quality Customer Experience
  2. Optimal Operations & Maximizing Profits
  3. Product Development & Innovation
  4. Sales & Marketing Strategies
  5. Managing Risk

Best for: Tourism Operators in the destination who are providing tours or experiences to guests, including tour operators, attraction operators, and experience providers.

Available Formats: Virtual Workshop