Storytelling for Tour Guides

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Storytelling is one of the most important skills of a Tour Guide. Through stories, you can bring your region to life for your guests, help them engage and connect with your destination, and provide them with truly memorable moments. Stories are a favorite component of tours for guests, and yet storytelling is often intimidating for Tour Guides. Through this workshop, you will learn how to tell a great story and develop your storytelling skills, so you can confidently tell your destination’s stories on your tours and wow your guests.

This workshop will teach you the key elements of storytelling, including how to determine which stories to tell on your tours, how to build a compelling story, and ways to engage guests with your stories and create connections through storytelling. Through a variety of activities and exercises, you will leave this interactive workshop ready with one story developed and ready to tell on your tours, as well as tools to build more stories and further develop your storytelling skills. This program can be delivered as a virtual workshop series, or as a one-day workshop in destination.

Topics Include:

  • Why storytelling is important for tour guides,
  • What makes a great story,
  • How to tell an engaging story,
  • How to build a compelling story,
  • Secrets of effective storytellers

Best for: Tour Guides, Interpreters, Attraction personnel delivering tours and experiences

Available Formats: Virtual workshop series, Live delivery in destination