Service Excellence WOW Edition

Service Excellence: WOW Edition

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As cruise resumes, delivering excellent service to cruise guests is critically important for all cruise destination communities, and the guest experience lies in the hands of our frontlines. For those who are interacting with guests, the demands are greater, and the expectations are higher. Service Excellence: WOW Edition is a half-day virtual workshop designed to respond to this current situation and provides anyone who connects with guests with the skills and confidence they need to deliver excellent service while following the necessary protocols and procedures implemented by the cruise lines and destinations.

Whether greeters, taxi drivers, vendors and retail operators, tour guides, bus drivers, restaurant servers, attraction personnel, or the community at large, this workshop helps community teams understand the importance of their roles in the success of cruise in their destination. We want to deliver “WOW” moments to cruise lines and their guests, but what do these moments look like in our current reality? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use creativity, teamwork, and commitment to create experiences that guests will remember and deliver a level of service that will have them saying “WOW”!

Topics Include:

• The critical role of the frontline in the success of cruise,
• Exceeding the expectations of cruise guests,
• Communities working together for the success of cruise,
• Communicating effectively, especially if wearing masks,
• Managing difficult situations and handling complaints,
• How to deliver WOW to your cruise guests

Best for: Frontlines, Greeters, Tour Guides, Transportation Drivers, Vendors & Retail, Food & Beverage, Attractions, Anyone who interacts with guests

Available Formats: Virtual Workshop, Live Delivery in Destination

Service Excellence WOW Edition