How to Wow Cruise Guests - Service Excellence 101

Service Excellence 101

Delivering excellent service to cruise guests is critically important for all cruise destinations, and the guest experience lies in the hands of our frontlines. Service Excellence 101 is a one-hour online course designed for frontlines in cruise destinations, providing an introduction on delivering excellent service to cruise guests. From taxi drivers and greeters to vendors and restaurant servers, participants will gain the knowledge and learn the skills necessary to provide guests with an excellent experience and deliver exceptional service, and successful completion of the course will earn them a certificate in Service Excellence 101. If your role has you interacting with cruise guests, what you do and the service you provide has a significant impact on your destination, the cruise lines, and their guests. The quality of the experience you provide reflects on you, your employer, your destination, and the cruise line your guests are sailing with. You have a very important job, and Service Excellence 101 will help you do it well!

Topics Include How To:

  • Exceed the expectations of cruise guests,
  • Make a positive impression,
  • Deliver excellent service to ensure guest satisfaction,
  • Relate well to your guests,
  • Dealing with pressure

Best for: Frontlines, Tour Guides, Transportation Drivers, Anyone who interacts with guests

Available Formats: Online Course

How to Wow Cruise Guests - Service Excellence 101