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Product Development: Tours & Guest Experiences

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What’s new in your destination? Successful cruise destinations always have an answer, and it’s often a new tour product or guest experience that gets cruise lines and their guests excited to visit. Your tour products and guest experiences are key to keeping your destination fresh and engaging to cruise lines and their guests. Now more than ever, tour operators and destinations need to reimagine their current experiences and create new ones that respond to today’s trends and expectations.

This workshop will teach you how to reimagine and create new tour products and guest experiences that respond to today’s needs, and it will also include other key factors that are necessary for success. Through a variety of activities and exercises, you will leave this interactive workshop ready with packages and experiences in place, as well as the tools to successfully promote and deliver them to cruise lines and their guests. This program can be delivered as a virtual workshop series, or as a one-day workshop in destination.

Topics Include:

  • Finding opportunities,
  • Knowing the trends,
  • Creating experiences,
  • Building packages & partnerships,
  • Pricing & adding value,
  • Ensuring sustainability,
  • Determining product readiness,
  • Getting experiences to market,
  • Maximizing opportunities,
  • Exceeding expectations

Best for: Tour Operators, Attractions, Cruise Destinations

Available Formats: Virtual workshop series, Live delivery in destination

Product Development