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Are You Ready for the Recruitment Process?

In response to FCCA partner member needs, this training will help prepare teams on land to be recruited to work onboard ships. Aquila has partnered with Teresa Kerrigan to develop a course that outlines the many differences between working on land and working/living on a cruise ship, and Foundational English language testing and training for non-English partner members and service excellence training.

Teresa Kerrigan, a respected cruise industry expert who qualified in Marine Hotel Management, created and taught the first official English language training and testing programs aboard cruise ships, to meet STCW95 requirements in 1997, after which her vision expanded to provide dedicated Crew Training Centers onboard. These expanded across various brands to provide topics ranging from Fundamental English for Speakers of Other Languages to Safety Training, Leadership Development, and more. With her 30 years in the industry, both shipboard and shoreside, she has been a consulting partner with most of the leading cruise lines since 2007.

Preparing for Life at Sea Overview
The opportunities and expectations can vary drastically, and misunderstanding can lead to disappointment and a short-lived (and costly) venture for both the individual and the company.

Step 1: Preparing for Life Onboard
Life at sea is very different from life on land, and this short module prepares participants to the inevitable changes to the way you live, and what to expect of life onboard.

Step 2: Foundational English
Using a custom-created system, our trainers test speaking and listening skills, and gauge the ability to follow simple instructions in English. The course consists of 40 lessons for five continuous weeks, including conversational terminology and basic ship safety words. ‘Train the Trainer’ component for language training will allow hospitality and marine schools in the countries we work with to prepare their teams to continue the program with our guidance, eventually using locals to deliver most of the training.

Step 3: Service Excellence and Understanding the Cruise Industry
This module will ensure an understanding of the industry, the expectations, and how to deliver excellent service. It helps the potential seafarer understand the importance of their role in the success of cruise, how to communicate effectively and manage difficult situations.