How to Reimagine Product Development and Guest Experiences

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Adapting to new protocols and procedures requires us to make changes to our products and guest experiences, and this is a remarkable opportunity. It’s a chance to reimagine guest experiences, to breathe new life into tour programs, and to create new exciting options for the changing needs of cruise lines and their guests. In this workshop, explore how to reimagine your guest experiences and create new experiences that today’s guests are looking for.

For best results, FCCA member destinations are encouraged to offer this workshop exclusively in their destination, inviting the cruise stakeholders in their destination to participate. This allows for the workshop to include engaging discussion and the opportunity to collaborate and work together on the plans that will need to be implemented for the successful resumption of cruise in the destination.

This workshop is part of Aquila’s “How to” Workshop Series for Destinations and their stakeholders to prepare for the resumption of cruise, and can also be delivered as a single, stand-alone workshop.

Topics Include:

  • The emerging trends in guest experiences,
  • How to reimagine current guest experiences to meet today’s needs,
  • Steps for creating new experiences that today’s guests are looking for,
  • Building fun into experiences amid protocols and procedures,

Best for: FCCA Members, Cruise Destinations & Ports, Tour Operators,

Available Formats: Virtual Workshop