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A successful cruise destination includes two critical things: stakeholders working together and a community that is ready and welcoming. A strong recovery for our cruise destinations includes ensuring our communities are ready to welcome cruise lines and their guests, as successful cruise calls require the help and support of the entire community.

In this workshop, discussion will include how to get your stakeholders working together and where to direct their focus, as well as how to prepare your community to welcome cruise. Learn who to involve, how to achieve collaboration, ways to engage your community, building an effective communication plan, committing to service excellence, and maximizing opportunities with cruise.

For best results, FCCA member destinations are encouraged to offer this workshop exclusively in their destination, inviting their major cruise stakeholders to participate. This allows for the workshop to include engaging discussion and the opportunity to collaborate and work together on plans to implement for the success of cruise in the destination.

Topics Include:

• The importance of stakeholder collaboration and community involvement
• How to get your stakeholders working together and what to focus on
• How to prepare your community to welcome cruise
• Building an effective communication plan
• Measuring success and adapting for change

Best for:

Exclusively for FCCA member, Cruise Destinations & Ports, Major Operators, Stakeholders and partners