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Sustainability is important to the cruise lines and their guests. Each year, cruise lines continue to progress and improve their sustainability practices.

But the importance of sustainability reaches from the sea to the shore. Cruise Destinations and their experience providers should also be focused on sustainability for their destinations.

What are you doing at the destination level to improve your sustainability practices?

This course is designed to provide your destination’s stakeholders with knowledge and practical tools to improve the sustainability of the shore excursions and guest experiences in your destination, in line with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria.

It will empower your stakeholders with the mindsets, strategies and skill sets to offer more authentic, impactful, and sustainable travel experiences for cruise guests, all while creating incredible memories for guests.

By increasing understanding of sustainability among your stakeholders, along with sharing the practical knowledge, strategies, skills and tools to deliver sustainable guest experiences, your destination will create positive impacts for everyone in the destination, while also ensuring that you can continue to share what’s special about your destination with guests today, tomorrow, and long into the future.  

Topics include:

  • What is sustainability and its relevance
  • Sustainability Trends in the industry
  • Your role as a local stakeholder to ensure sustainable destination experiences
  • Guidelines to create sustainable guest experiences

Best for: Destinations, Governments, Tour Operators, and Major Attractions.

Available Formats: Virtual Workshop, Live Delivery in Destination