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Every cruise destination will eventually find itself facing a crisis or an unexpected and difficult situation. Excellent cruise destinations do indeed have things go wrong, but what makes them excellent is how they handle it when things go wrong.

This workshop has been designed to prepare stakeholders and frontlines in cruise destinations to provide the necessary support to the affected individuals in a crisis or an unexpected and difficult situation.

Stakeholders and frontlines often list navigating a crisis or dealing with a difficult situation as among the top stressors and challenges. This training is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and most importantly, the confidence to manage these unexpected situations with excellence.

Topics include:

  • Understanding trauma and your role in providing support
  • How to provide caring support without causing harm
  • Communication strategies and techniques for times of crisis and difficult situations
  • How to protect yourself when providing needed emotional support
  • And more!

Participants will find that the knowledge and skills gained in this training will reach beyond navigating crisis and difficult situations with guests, and help them in day-to-day interactions with family, friends, co-workers and more.

To support all stakeholders in the destination, there are two versions of this 2-hour Zoom Workshop:

  1. Excellence in Navigating Crisis for Destination Stakeholders

This workshop focuses on the role of the Destination Stakeholders and is best for Governments, Tour Operators, Port Agents, Experience Providers, and other Stakeholder Management Teams.

  • Excellence in Navigating Crisis for Destination Frontlines

This workshop focuses on the role of the Destination Frontlines and is best for Tour Guides, Bus and Taxi Drivers, Interpreters, Experience Providers, and other Frontline Teams.

Aquila Global Trainer: Gregory Crick

Gregory has extensive experience in customer service and in the cruise industry, and during his career, he saw the opportunity to take his passion for customer service and apply it to crisis management, an unfortunate but important part of business today.  Having dealt with multiple challenging situations, he always ensured his customers were taken care of and that the company’s reputation was upheld. This included successfully navigating several large emergencies, mass casualty incidents, and a global pandemic during his 15 years as Director of Family Assistance and Care Team programs at Holland America Group, and he looks forward to sharing his extensive knowledge with cruise destination stakeholders and frontlines.

Available Formats: Virtual Workshop