Cruise Readiness for Emerging Ports

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Designed for new and emerging ports, this is a consultative two-day workshop on port and destination readiness for the cruise industry. Through the workshop, key stakeholders in a destination are engaged in learning about the cruise industry and their many expectations, examining the readiness of the port and destination in terms of these expectations, identifying the developments necessary for serving the cruise market, and exploring innovative ways to improve the destination for the cruise industry and grow the cruise business.

This interactive Cruise Readiness Workshop helps port and destination stakeholders understand cruise, identify developments necessary to be successful in the cruise industry, and decide on a path forward for the community with respect to cruise.

At the conclusion of the workshop, destinations receive an outcomes report outlining the action items identified by the stakeholders throughout the workshop and recommended next steps to guide the destination to cruise readiness.

Topics Include:

  • An overview of the cruise industry, including global and local perspectives,
  • Understanding the roles of ports, destinations, tour operators and other key players,
  • Successful operations pier-side and throughout the destination,
  • Expectations of guest experiences, including how shore excursions work
  • Growing the cruise industry in your destination,
  • Achieving successful stakeholder involvement and community support

Best for: New Ports, Emerging Ports, Niche Ports

Available formats: Live delivery in destination

“Your session with us allowed us to take a deep look into our current abilities to effectively develop and implement a successful strategy to attract and host cruise ships.  Your community capacity training was absolutely brilliant to bring many things to light for us from a positive perspective and from areas where we can improve; in particular – with having a key, consistent ‘champion’ to lead the way.”

David McCormick, Director Business Development, Port Alberni Authority