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Are you aware of how well your guides and frontlines respond to your guests? And what about guests who are different from them? Are they delivering great service to all your guests? What about guests with special needs? Guests with different lifestyles, religions or abilities?

It is important to encourage celebrating diversity. This half-day workshop gives frontlines and tour guides the tools they need as they approach guests every day. Learning how to be accepting with different people every day, including people from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, age groups and abilities. The stereotypes that we hold can really affect how guests feel treated and the guest satisfaction ratings at the end of the day.

Our Tour Guides and Frontlines get very close to our guests, putting on harnesses, helping with scuba gear, and lifejackets, therefore, they need to learn the best ways to approach guests while helping them with these important functions. Having a culture of respect is important to being a successful cruise destination.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding differences and demonstrating respect
  • Identifying the different types of harassment
  • Ensuring respectful behaviors and interactions with all guests
  • Taking responsibility for a creating a culture of respect
  • Understanding the cruise industry and their roles in its success in cruise destinations

Best for: Frontlines, Greeters, Tour Guides, Transportation Drivers, Vendors & Retail, Food & Beverage, Attractions, Anyone who interacts with guests

Available Formats: Live delivery in destination