ACE Tour Operator Designation

ACE Tour Operator Designation

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Successful shore excursion operations require Tour Operators to deliver excellence in the experience they provide their cruise guests, the service they provide their cruise line clients, and the way they conduct their own internal operations. This program is for FCCA Member Tour Operators who have cruise line contracts, and it guides their management teams through a process to demonstrate that they have the policies and procedures in place to meet or exceed 42 industry standards that are recognized and respected throughout the cruise industry. Throughout this program, you will collaborate with an Aquila trainer, benefitting from a one-on-one coaching on how to meet each of the standards, and you’ll receive a variety of tools and guidance to help implement any policies or processes necessary to demonstrate that you meet the standards. The process includes a situational analysis, diagnostic and implementation phases for each pillar of standards, and a final evaluation, all of which is conducted in the strictest of confidence.

When you complete the program and achieve the ACE Tour Operator Designation from Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence, you’ll receive a certificate and pin, as well as the ACE Tour Operator seal to use to identify you as an ACE Tour Operator to the industry.

Topics Include:

  • Pillar 1: Excellence in Tour Delivery to Guests,
  • Pillar 2: Excellence in Service to Cruise Lines,
  • Pillar 3: Excellence in Operations

Best for: FCCA Member Tour Operators with Cruise Line Contracts Available

Formats: One-on-one virtual coaching

“For all of us in HECTOURS, there is a before and after once we successfully accomplished the ACE TOUR OPERATOR DESIGNATION program. Now we are able to communicate, interact, measure, operate, and report accordingly with the cruise lines standards. Our staff is very motivated and confident knowing how to reach the best performance for guests and cruise lines in every cal. Always happy to provide excellence in service! “

Hector Sandoval, Director, Hectours

“To continue to grow and maintain high standards the learning process must never end…  Aquila has provided the tools for our guides and management team to learn and be consistent on the services that we provide. The ACE Tour Operator program and tour guide training has helped us achieve our service goals in less time, increasing guest satisfaction.”

Sasha Rodriguez, Business Manager, Rico Sun Tours
ACE Tour Operator Designation