Course Category: Tour Guides

Tour Guides leading shore excursions for the cruise industry have a remarkable responsibility. As Tour Guides, we hold the guest experience in our hands, and we’re required to deliver a fun and engaging experience with excellent commentary, while following all of the processes and managing any difficult situations that might come up. Whether you are currently a tour guide or working to become one, this interactive program gives you the opportunity to learn exactly what makes an excellent Tour Guide, and the skills to turn that knowledge into a practical reality when guiding cruise shore excursions.

The course includes 6 lessons on the most important topics for tour guides and ends with an assessment, which includes a written exam and a video component. Score 70% or higher on the assessment and you’ll join the ranks of Internationally Certified Tour Guides around the world, achieving your Tour Guide Excellence International Certification and receiving a certificate and pin.

Topics Include:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Cruise Industry
  • Lesson 2: Hospitality & Service Excellence
  • Lesson 3: Research & Field Skills
  • Lesson 4: Presentation, Storytelling & Interpretation
  • Lesson 5: Preparation & Processes
  • Lesson 6: Difficult Situations & Risk Management

Best for: Tour Guides, Tour Escorts, Group Leaders

Available Formats: Online Course, Live Delivery (with minimum 40 guides in one destination)

“I did enjoy the course a lot and found it very useful mostly because it’s very inspiring. It definitely has a capacity of lifting up one’s mood and motivating for research work, for exploring new places in one’s region, for becoming an excellent guide!”


“I found this course very useful. I wish I could have watched this kind of course when I was a beginner tour guide, because some tips were extremely helpful. I believe that the part about problem solving and acting in difficult situations was especially important for me personally, as these skills really show how professional you are.”