In 2020, Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence is celebrating 10 years of delivering training programs to the cruise industry! Looking back over the last decade, Aquila certainly has a lot to celebrate. Since 2010:

  • Aquila has delivered training in 73 countries around the world.
  • More than 18,000 people have participated in Aquila’s training.
  • Starting with 1 training program, Aquila now has more than 20 training programs.
  • Their lessons are learned in their “living lab” of tour operations in Saint John on the Bay of Fundy, where they have welcomed 585,000 guests on shore excursions since 2010.

Aquila continues to evolve with training programs available online and virtually, and several new training programs created to support the industry in preparation for cruise to resume, including the popular Service Excellence: COVID-19 Edition that was delivered to more than 2000 frontline people in the British Virgin Islands in late 2020, and the stakeholder workshop “How to Prepare Your Community to Welcome Cruise”, which has been well received by numerous cruise destinations.

Raise a glass and join us as we celebrate 10 years of training programs and raising the level of excellence in the cruise industry!