A tour operator and trainer, Aquila is dedicated to raising the level of excellence in the cruise industry. We operate shore excursions in Saint John, Canada and provide training to the global cruise community with a focus on excellence, always.


Aquila is passionate about the cruise industry and we care about the success of cruise destinations. With over 35 years in the cruise industry and 150 years of combined industry experience, we have a growing number of training programs focused on helping destinations build training strategies to deliver excellence to cruise lines and their guests.



“In today’s extremely competitive environment, Operators who invest in their team’s training with Programs such as ‘Aquila’s Cruise Excellence Training’ stand to be in a better position when selling their programs to the Cruise Lines. A great guest experience is our focus, and we know that a properly trained staff will ensure that such experiences are delivered on a consistent basis. This has great value to any cruise executive responsible for Shore Excursions.” Erika Tache, Senior Director Operations & Revenue, Shore Excursions, Carnival Cruise Line
"The Aquila training in San Juan has had amazing results. It produced immediate positive results which will definitely result in a significant improvement in cruise guest ratings.” Federico Gonzalez, Former Associate Vice-President, Royal Caribbean Cruises
"From the Yucatan Tourism Board, we consider that the courses represent an opportunity to keep our knowledge updated and learn about the cruise industry. Aquila has helped us a lot to improve the services that our tour operators offer in the Port of Progreso, Mexico to cruise passengers." Raúl Paz Noriega, Technical Director, Yucatán Tourism Board México
“The Aruba Tourism Authority recognizes the importance of training to enhance the experience of our cruise visitors. Together with Aquila, we have carried out training sessions for Tour Guides and Tour Operators that have been very well received and have proved to give the results we were looking for. It’s such a pleasure to work with Beth and her team and we can’t recommend this enough.” Mario Arends, Cruise Manager, Aruba Tourism Authority
“I’m always excited to see Aquila conducting training around the Caribbean because their methods always result in happier staff and even happier guests.  Safety, customer interaction and guest satisfaction are key results of their courses.” Megan Shaw, Account Manager, Shore Excursions, Royal Caribbean International
"The Aquila Training has made a total difference in Cartagena regarding the confidence of the tour guides… improving the service quality, which has impacted in a positive way the passengers satisfaction levels."           Maria Claudia Lacouture, Former President, PROCOLOMBIA  
“With increasing local and global competition, it is more important than ever to distinguish your product and present the best possible experience. One of the best ways to do this is through knowledgeable operations and tour guides, which is why we teamed with the Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence to offer an all-encompassing training program so our tour operator members can feel confident that they are armed with the best tool: knowhow.” Michele Paige, President, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association
“We really enjoyed the AQUILA Tour Guide course. It's super easy to access, well-structured and very informative. It offers the perfect mix of topics for anyone looking to embark on a career in shore-based tour guiding. The lessons are delivered in a very relaxed manner and students are able to go back over the topics and learn at a pace that feels right for them.” Sarah, Tour Guide, United Kingdom
“We could not envision just how comprehensive the training was or the reception and the enthusiasm that the course would solicit from the participants. The seminar was packed with a wealth of information… It also focused on achieving certain standards of excellence, skills for dealing with specific sectors… more than anything, it drew our attention to the fact that cruise tourism is an industry that at its core is about human relations and how well we conduct our customer service.” Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool, Former President of the Office of Tourism of St. Martin
”Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence continuously develops and delivers engaging and valuable workshops... Over the years they have met and made friendships with our stakeholders who appreciates the high level of training they have come to know and expect. The team is always filled with anecdotes and stories that explain, clarify and encourage our stakeholders. Aquila’s experiential approach reinforces learning … We constantly get asked when will we have another training as the trainings never fail to inspire.” Noriko Gamero, Director of Cruise & Destination Planning, Belize Tourism Board


Aquila offers training programs designed to help cruise destinations, cruise lines, tour operators, tour guides, and frontline service teams achieve excellence in their shoreside experiences.